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Hillview Oak B&B 3853 Jingellic Road Lankeys Creek Via Holbrook 2644 For Hospitality and Comfort Phone 02 60368091 or 0248748008 Email hillviewoakbandb@gmail.com

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We take pride in making your stay with us comfortable and relaxing. You have a separate entrance, Lounge and Breakfast room, warm and cosy by the fire in winter and air conditioned in the summer. Choice of cooked or continental breakfast and bottomless tea and coffee.

Lynn Keyworth 23.07.2022 13:48

Hi Do you have any accommodation at your BnB tomorrow Sunday the 24th July for a couple (2 adults)

Klaus Wirper 23.07.2022 07:37

Hallo - Just confirming: arriving between 4pm and 5pm, Sunday 24. July,
kind regards Klaus.

Marie Gregg 23.07.2022 12:24

Hi Klaus, looking forward to your stay with us tomorrow 24/07 arrival between 4 and 5 pm.
Kind Regards

Richard James Parry 02.05.2022 23:35

Do. You. Have accommodation for 2 couples on. Wed. 4/5/22. & what. Would the cost be ?

Irvine and Marie 29.04.2022 22:25

So sorry we are booked out for that room tonight

Lisa Page 29.04.2022 10:54

We are looking for 1 nights accommodation for 3 adults Sat 30/04 till Sunday 1/5. Do you have anything available?

Frances and Kevin 11.04.2022 09:38

Hi Marie
Thanks for your wonderful accomadation. We had a wonderful time
your place was lovely more than comfortable beaufully clean , warm and friendly.

Suse Munroe/Usatov 29.03.2022 00:17

Thanks for checking Marie! Kind regards, Suse

Marie Gregg 22.03.2022 10:51

Hi Suse, so sorry but we could not find any trace of your pink glasses. Hope you have success in finding them.
Kind Regards Marie

Suse Munroe/Usatov 21.03.2022 04:46

Hi Irvine & Maurie, Apologies but I think I left my pink glasses behind & they may have fallen off the bed side table? Would you mind letting me know? Thanks!

Rachel Woods 13.01.2022 22:03

Good morning, are you booked out this weekend ? Looking for two adjoining rooms. Just got off the phone with Robyn at Upper Murray and she recommended

Marie Gregg 13.01.2022 22:39

Sorry Rachel we have only one room the King room sleeps 4 and has its on bathroom and access to outdoor area and BBQ. $140 for 2 and $25 for each extra.Regards

Tracey 11.01.2022 05:47

How are the roads to property , we are on a motor bike ( big cruiser) , not great on dirt roads, also do you have a room , 2 adults on Sun 16 Jan

Marie Gregg 11.01.2022 08:52

Yes Tracy we have the King Room available on Sunday 16th Jan. No dirt roads.

Ben 13.12.2021 12:20

Sorry Marie, I can't see your email address (and your reply didn't reach my email). I would like to book the King room on the 20th. Ben.

Ben 13.12.2021 00:33

Hi, I was wondering if you would accept a family of mum, dad and two daughters aged 11 and 12 for the night of 20 Dec. Have stayed with u before.

Marie Gregg 13.12.2021 05:11

Hi Ben, we would be happy to have you stay with your family on the 20 Dec. The King room is available and cost would be $190.00. please confirm by email.

Alison 26.10.2021 00:18

Hi. Would you availability from 26-28 Dec 2021?

Marie Gregg 26.10.2021 08:51

Hi Alison the Queen room is available at present. Sleeps two people and is $130 per night including continental breakfast.

Grace 07.10.2021 09:46

Hi, wondering if there was any availability for this saturday 9th of October for one night checking out on the 10th of October. Couple with a 16 month year old.

Patricia Broad 07.08.2021 06:56

Looking for October 30th for a couple please

Marie Gregg 19.05.2021 02:50

Hi Carissa the King room is available on the 27th May and the cost is $140 per night including a continental breakfast.
Kind Regards

Carissa Avenhouse 18.05.2021 11:40

Hi, Can you advise if you have availability for Thursday the 27th of May and the cost for the King bed room please.

Garry Steman 04.04.2021 03:54

Sorry, plans changed. But will keep you in mind for next time

Garry 02.04.2021 10:32

Hi, I was wondering it the Primrose Room is available for the 23-25th of April?

Hillview Oak bed and Breakfast. 02.04.2021 16:40

Gary Primrose Room is available 23-24-25.Do you wish to book for that period?

Marie Gregg 22.12.2020 22:29

Hi Alice the number is 0260368091 and I am sure you have been able to contact us re your booking for 29, 30 and 31st. If you are another Alice please phone us.

Alice 22.12.2020 10:46

Hi Marie,
Do you have any vacancies from 27th Dec to 2nd Jan 2021? I will call on 60368141 to discuss, Our plans have been altered due to the border closure.

Julie & Pete 06.12.2020 00:39

Hi - not sure if you remember us, but how is the blueberry season this year? Oops, sorry if we're mixing you up with the lovely blueberry folks!! Julie

Marie Gregg 05.12.2020 03:15

Hi Roger, we are still taking bookings and will honor all future bookings, as the sale will not go ahead until after our bookings unless the new owners continue

Roger B 04.12.2020 13:55

Hello - just realised your B&B is up for sale. Does this mean no more bookings just yet and will you stay on as Managers for the new company? Thanks for reply.

Marie Gregg 06.09.2020 03:24

Great Stephanie looking forward to it also;

Stephanie 04.09.2020 21:13

Hi Marie, looking forward to our stay soon. Deposit made this morning.

Greg White 07.04.2020 22:47

Hi Marie,
you confirmed that due to Covid-19 and the fact the NSW borders are closed that you would give us a full refund of $561.60? to date nothing from you?

Marie Gregg 20.01.2020 23:15

Hi again Greg yes confirmation of your booking for 6 on 10th and 11th April confirmed.
Kind Regards

Greg White 20.01.2020 23:09

Hi Marie,
can you please confirm that these rooms have been booked for me?
Thank you

Greg White 20.01.2020 19:37

Hi Marie,
I requested a stay for 6 people for April 10 - 12 of which you responded with a yes, however I have not heard back from you with any details?

Marie Gregg 20.01.2020 23:04

Hi Gregg,the Queen room is $130 per night takes 2 people has en suite, the King room takes 4 people and is $!40 per night has bathroom. For details 0260368141

Marie Gregg 03.12.2019 11:37

Bernadette we are on the Hume and Hovel track.

Bernadette Wright 02.12.2019 23:28

Greetings, just wondering how close your Bnb is to the Hume and Hovell track?
Bernadette Wright

Fabio Carigi 24.09.2019 10:34


my name is Fabio, I'm an Italian guy in love with your beautiful B&B. I was born and raised in my parents' restaurant and B&B and for the last 12 years I opened and managed my B&B in Italy. I love the hospitality industry and would like to do it f

Marie Gregg 25.09.2019 02:26

Hi Fabio only got half your message there is little space on this website please contact my email on hillviewoakbandb@gmail.com
Kind regards

Sarah Marsay 05.07.2019 00:34

hi im looking to book ur Primrose Room for the 28th of October till 3 November can you please let me know if it available and price for 2 adults

Marie Gregg 05.07.2019 07:20

Hi Sarah, Normal price is $140 per night Because it is a long stay we would be happy to give you a 10% discount. Love to have you stay with us

Marie Gregg 23.03.2019 03:52

Thanks Sue, hope all is well at home
Marie & Irvine

Sue 21.03.2019 21:42

Hi Marie. Tried to ring you just now 8 30am. We have family emergency at home need to contact you re our booking tonight. Kind regards sue &geoff

John Wolfenden 28.02.2019 23:04

Hi Marie, Not seen the bank details, as yet.

Marie Gregg 25.02.2019 21:54

Thank you John . I Will forward you bank details today.

John Wolfenden 25.02.2019 13:46


John Wolfenden 24.02.2019 15:00

Here is my email...sorry for the delay

Marie Gregg 24.02.2019 22:10

Hi John, your message came through but not your email address!!

marie gregg 12.02.2019 20:35

Hi John that would be great. Could you send me your email address and I will send you our account details.
Kind regards

John Wolfenden 12.02.2019 16:30

Thanks. That's fine for us. Do you need a deposit ?

Marie Gregg 08.02.2019 18:20

Yes John there is a microwave in the breakfast room and BBQ facilities available. I will confirm your booking for 11th July.
Kind Regards Marie

John Wolfenden 08.02.2019 10:49

That's great. Thank you. Will we be able to make an evening meal ?

John Wolfenden 07.02.2019 09:01

My son (Jamie-19) and I would like to stay with your for one night on the 11th July 2019. Is that possible ?

Marie Gregg 08.02.2019 01:12

Yes John, we would love to have you and Jamie stay with us on the 11th July. Please confirm by email to hillviewoakbandb.com or phone 0260368141.

Christine Hill 16.11.2018 06:00

Thanking you, but we wont come this trip. Maybe next time

Christine Hill 14.11.2018 10:11

Hi there. Do you have availability for January 7-10? Three nights.

Marie Gregg 15.11.2018 06:01

HI Christine, yes we can accommodate you on 7,8,9th Jan 2019. King room $140 per night or Queen room $130 per night these prices include continental breakfast,

Valerie 04.11.2018 23:45

Can you please email me on valerie012@bigpond.com
I have tried to call your number but receive an error message.
Thank you
Valerie Le Maitre

Marie Gregg 28.10.2018 21:36

Hi Lynda, so great to hear from you after all these years. I would love to hear more about you. You can send1 me an email on marie.t.gregg@gmail.com

lynda probitts 28.10.2018 11:12

Hi Marie.. lts your old apprentice Lynda Probitts.. l was on the Carrum page and mentioned about LeRoy and Russ Anderson has given me the link.. hello

Anne & Colin 04.11.2017 08:37

Our stay at Hillview Oak last night was all too short and we would love to return for a longer stay. Marie is a very accommodating host. Very comfy beds & clean

Shireen 28.06.2017 01:56

Hi. We are 2 adults with 2 kids (11 and 12) driving from Blue Mountains, to Warburton. Would you have availability for one night on Sun 1st? and rates please? T

Garry Laird 06.05.2017 03:58

Hi we are looking for 2 rooms for the night of Thursday 8th June - a couple and one lady

Marie Gregg 06.05.2017 05:26

Hi Garry we would be delighted to have you stay with us on June 8th we have 2 rooms available for more information Tel.260368141 or E hillviewoakbandb@gmail.com

Paul Scherr 22.03.2017 11:09


We're looking for a room (2 adults) for the nights of 24 and 25 April please. Grateful if you could let us know the rates as well. Regards Paul & Liza

wen 05.03.2017 10:39

Hello, we are looking for a one night stay on the way driving to Melbourne on 19 Apr 2017. 2 adults and 2 kids aged 4 and 7. Would love to hear from you.

Martin and Jennifer 24.01.2017 20:43

Thank you Marie and Irvan for a lovely restful stay recently, cooking our BBQ and for sending us the missing item. Hillview oak is a great place to stay.

Paul 01.01.2017 06:48

Hi could you please let me know how far you are from Walwa, and if you have a vacancy on Saturday 14th January?

Marie Gregg 01.01.2017 08:54

Hi Paul we are 20k from Walwa and we do have a vacancy on the 14th Jan and would be delighted to have you stay with us.

Sarah Kilgour 09.11.2016 11:43

Hello Marie
Would you be able to accommodate a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 kids, aged 7 and 9) for one night on 1 January-2 January?
Warmly, Sarah

Marie Gregg 18.09.2016 10:47

Hi Jessica we can do 4 adults as we have two rooms one with a queen bed and one with a king bed and we have a couch bed that can sleep two extra .

Jessica 17.09.2016 09:25

Would you be able to accommodate 2 children and 4 adults on 27 December?

Maggue 17.08.2016 02:07

Hi there, How much would it be for 2 children and 1 adult for one night on Sept 19? Thank you

Marie Gregg 17.08.2016 07:29

Hi Maggie you would need two rooms and the cost would be $220.00. Both rooms have bathrooms and we can make up two single beds for the children. Regards Marie

Maggie 17.08.2016 02:08

Maggie that is

melissa 24.05.2016 03:23

Can u tell me how much for one adult and 15 year old to stay 2 nights

Marie Gregg 25.05.2016 02:21

Hi Melissa Our normal price is $130 per night but special for two nights is $110. (shared room 2 singles)

Marie Gregg 06.01.2016 04:25

Hi Peter Coming from Tumba take the road on the right where the sign says "Holbrook" its about 12k before Jingellic,we are 6k on your right, 3853. Regards Marie

Peter 05.01.2016 21:49

Hi - I note all your material says 'via Holbrook' but I'm hoping to come in from Tumbarumba - it looks fine on the map - is there any problem with that? Thanks

Irvine 11.11.2015 05:25

Yes Steven , E Mail hillviewoakbandb@gmail.com

Steven Shorr 11.11.2015 02:11

Is there anyway to confirm these rooms without an international phone call.

Marie Gregg 10.11.2015 23:43

Hi Steven Both rooms are available. I can confirm them now p0hone o260368141 for further information.
Kind Regards Marie

Steven Shorr 10.11.2015 03:35

We will be in Holbrook on Dec 20, 2015 We would need both rooms. 4 adults in our party. Are the rooms available and how do we secure a reservation?


shontay 25.09.2015 14:13

Hello have you possibly got an availability next saturday night and how much it will be just 1 adult and a 3 year old? Please thank you

Marie Gregg 26.09.2015 00:42

Hi Shontay We have a room for you for tonight 26th but we are fully booked next Saturday 3rd.$130 per night including continental breakfast.
Regards Marie

Emily 07.06.2015 06:53

Hello - any availability for a double room tonight? (7 June). We're on the road & looking for places to stay. Many thanks! Emily

Dave Barnes 27.04.2015 13:20

Hi would the primrose room be available for Tuesday 12 May for my wife and I. Regards Dave

Alan Law 01.03.2015 06:58

Hi, I was wondering if you had a vacancy for tomorrow night ( 2/3) for my wife and I? Also, what are the options in the area for dinner?

Marie Gregg 02.03.2015 04:31

Yes Allan we have a room available $130 with spar bath. We have BBQ facilities or a 10 minute drive to Jingellic Pub great meal and Murray river views.

Bach Hue Thi Thomson 05.01.2015 21:16

Do you have a room available on Sat night 10/1/15. We are travelling from Syd & will be there in the afternoon. My husband needs a firm bed. What is the cost?

Tim 23.11.2014 11:01

Can you advise availability for 2 adults and 2 kids for one night 30th December. Many thanks.

marie 24.11.2014 07:09

Availability ok please advies age of children. You will require both rooms 120 for queen room and 130 for king room.

Marie Gregg 18.11.2014 21:54

Sorry Chris we are fully booked for Monday Hope you can book again some other time
Kind Regards

Chris Anderson 17.11.2014 22:33

Hi. Can you advise if both rooms are available for two couples on Monday 24th November?

Dave & Sally Cole 03.11.2014 03:59

we would like to book both rooms for two couples this Friday night 7 November 2014. We would arrive at about 11am and leave after lunch on Saturday.

Dave & Sally Cole 03.11.2014 11:30

Hello Marie, Change of plans. Both couples would love to stay Saturday night 8 November as well please. Regards
Dave & Sally Cole. Will phone tomorrow (4/11/14)

Jim Parker 21.10.2014 11:37

We are a married couple, travelling between Melbourne and Sydney, and would like to book your Primrose Room B&B overnight Saturday 18/Sunday 19 April 2015.

Anne Sawtell 18.09.2014 23:41

good morning do you have a room available for a married couple on Wednesday 24th Sept arriving about 7pm. How far are you from Holbrook?

Marie Gregg 19.09.2014 01:08

Yes Anne we have the Primrose Room available @$130 per night including continental breakfast. We are 38.53 K from Holbrook.
Regards Marie

Lynette De Salis 01.09.2014 14:02

Hi can we book a room for my husband and I on Sunday 28th September leaving on the 29th?

Marie Gregg 07.09.2014 01:19

Yes Lynette the Primrose room is available $130 per night including continental breakfast. Please leave your phone number for further contact

Marie Gregg 12.08.2014 00:37

Thanks for the reply Colin. Enjoy your sty in Wagga

Colin Hercus 09.08.2014 03:38

Hi Marie,

Do you have room for Sunday 17th Aug

Thanks Colin

Marie Gregg 11.08.2014 09:20

Yes Colin we have a King room @ $130 per night and a Queen room @ $120 per night including continental breakfast.please provide your phone number.

Biddy Church 19.06.2014 10:09

I would like to make a booking for a couple tomorrow night June 20

Marie Gregg 09.04.2014 04:05

Yes George we have aking and a queen room available
Regards Marie

Georgi 03.04.2014 11:02

Hi there,
Would you have any availability on saturday may 3 for couples?
Thanks so much,

Marie Gregg 06.02.2014 07:24

Great Kim king room booked for the 8th could you please give me your eta and your mobile number.
Regards Marie

Kim Richardson 06.02.2014 06:42

Great! Can I book the King room?

Kim Richardson 06.02.2014 01:53

Do you have any availability for Sat 8 March? I know it's late notice!!

Marie Gregg 06.02.2014 02:49

Yes Kim we have a king room o r a queen room availble.

Regards Marie

Marie Gregg 04.01.2014 07:31

We have a twin room available for Monday 6 with en suite/spa bath attached we are 20 minutes from Holbrook very scenic drive $130 per night including breakfast

margot barnett 04.01.2014 06:57

We would require a twin bed room for monday jan 6. How close to holbrook are you located. Is there an ensuite bathroom.

Margot barnett

Marie Gregg 06.10.2013 12:49

Brad, we would be delighted to have you in April 2014. Will await your confirmation.

Brad Mitchell 04.10.2013 09:42

Penny and I ARE LOOKING AT THE 24,25,26TH April 2014 looking at attending Functions and visiting the area..
Regards Brad Mitchell.

Marie Gregg 21.09.2013 01:34

We will be delighted to have you on the 26/9th . We will accept cash or you can pay direct to our account@ NAB BSB 082 811 Àcc 547930164.
Regards Marie

robyn lewis 17.09.2013 00:22

Hi Marie is there a double room available Thursday 26 the Sept? Regards Robyn

Robyn Lewis 19.09.2013 22:58

Thanks Marie, what is the next step? Do you require a deposit?
we will be coming from Sydney so I suppose sometime early afternoon we should arrive. regards

marie Gregg 19.09.2013 08:20

yes Robyn we have a kingsize room available on the 26th.We look forward to your confirmation.
regards Marie

Marie Gregg 03.09.2013 04:00

Hi Geoff we have availability on the 25th
regards Marie

Geoff Bowen 31.08.2013 05:54

Hi Require accomadation Xmas day 25th If available please confirm thanks

Marie Gregg 28.07.2013 02:57

Yes Brian we have Primrose room with spar bath $130 per night and Blue room with en suite $120 per night both include continental breakfast.

Brian Bloom 27.07.2013 23:19

My wife and I may be travelling from Sydney to Melbourne on Monday and Tuesday August 5th and 6th. Do you have a room (bnb) and how much is it?

Marie gregg 04.07.2013 03:12

Sorry Neil we are booked out for the 19th

Neil Golding 04.07.2013 02:39

Hi There, would you have accomoation for 2 adults and 3 kids aged 13, 10 & 9. for July the 19th?

Brian Nicholas 09.01.2013 05:37

Hi there, do you have a room available for 2 adults, the evening of the 24th January 2013?

marie gregg 13.01.2013 00:16

Hi Brian we do have a room available please phone on 0260368141or email hillviewoakbandb@gmail.com

Charlie and Barb Maiden 17.03.2012 07:30

Hi Marie & Irvine
We just sort of stumbled on your website, and thought we'd drop a line and say hello from Brisban. The B&B looks lovely. Cheers Charlie & Barb

Marie Gregg 03.04.2012 08:05

Great to hear from you Charlie and Barb. Hope all is well with you would love to see you any time you are in the area. Just trying to finish this website.

Marie and Irvine Gregg 06.03.2012 01:39

Hillview Oak B&B :Welcome to our B & B where we specialise in hospitality and comfort in a rural setting with attractive rooms with ensuites.

Hillview Oak B & B 03.10.2011 02:32

Welcome to our B & B where we specialise in hospitality and comfort in a rural setting with attractive rooms with ensuites.

Jim Parker 22.10.2014 15:58

Hello Marie,

White card reply drop-down obscures your reply on this site! Is Primrose Room available 18/19 April 2015 please? How do I pay? Jim Parker.

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Latest comments

23.07 | 13:48

Hi Do you have any accommodation at your BnB tomorrow Sunday the 24th July for a couple (2 adults)

23.07 | 12:24

Hi Klaus, looking forward to your stay with us tomorrow 24/07 arrival between 4 and 5 pm.
Kind Regards

23.07 | 07:37

Hallo - Just confirming: arriving between 4pm and 5pm, Sunday 24. July,
kind regards Klaus.

03.05 | 00:39

Hi Linda, we are about 600m from the Hume and Hovel track on Jingellic road. We can arrange pick up if required. We do not do canoe hire.
Kind Regards Marie

23.07 | 13:48

Hi Do you have any accommodation at your BnB tomorrow Sunday the 24th July for a couple (2 adults)

23.07 | 12:24

Hi Klaus, looking forward to your stay with us tomorrow 24/07 arrival between 4 and 5 pm.
Kind Regards

23.07 | 07:37

Hallo - Just confirming: arriving between 4pm and 5pm, Sunday 24. July,
kind regards Klaus.

03.05 | 00:39

Hi Linda, we are about 600m from the Hume and Hovel track on Jingellic road. We can arrange pick up if required. We do not do canoe hire.
Kind Regards Marie